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Senay Studio™ is a trademark of Senay Design Studio. Senay Studio™  has been committed to quality, originality and the environment. Our goal is to offer beautiful, fresh, unique and eco-friendly homeware products inspired by the beauty of life and nature and made especially for you with attention to details. All our products are designed and handcrafted in our smoke free facility in Mississauga, Greater Toronto Area, Canada, by Senay Design Studio. Our  textile products are made with natural fiber textiles such as linen, silk and cotton imported from Europe and US. Original prints by Senay Design Studio are hand drawn and hand painted, printed on natural fiber textiles using eco-friendly, water-based pigment inks.

Senay Design Studio ia a full service, textile, surface and graphic design studio based in Mississauga, Greater Toronto Area, Canada, specializing in creating unique, highly creative, custom textile art, surface and graphic designs for textile, gift and paper goods industries. 

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About Senay

I'm a textile designer, artist and illustrator who believes in allowing the magical beauty of everyday life to inspire my designs; and in turn, bring that touch of magic to you. To me, life is about becoming aware of and enjoying the precious moments we're constantly surrounded with but may not always take the time to appreciate… like beautiful flowers blooming in springtime, quiet sunny days, listening to the chirping of birds in the early morning, time with family, baking cookies on a rainy afternoon, sipping coffee in a neighborhood café and watching people go by; and most of all, Love.

My goal is to create beautiful, fresh, unique and cutting edge designs inspired by the beauty of life and nature; and to bring those same qualities to you in your own home. Art has the power to transform us in an instant. With a quick glance at a garden-fresh pattern on a throw cushion that can bring a smile to our face or a miraculous shot of color on a pillowcase that can brighten a dull, dreary morning, design can remind us - just for one small second - that beauty does, indeed, exist all around us; and it can transport us back to what truly matters in life… love, joy and happiness. As an artist and a designer, I want to do that for you.

For 15+ years, I've worked as a textile and product designer for various textile companies, other designers and marketing firms. I have designed and developed homeware products sold in many of the major retailers in North America and Europe, such as Bed Bath & Beyond, The Bay, Home Outfitters, Zellers, Macy's, Walmart Canada, Sears, Marks & Spencer, United Colors of Benetton, Anna's Linens and Jo-Ann Fabrics. In 2013 I decided to step out from behind the scenes and start my own Design Studio with my lovely husband, furniture designer and maker. We are determined to offer products that reflect our passion for life and living - and ‘making it happen’ for you too!

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